The Think Resilience videos are hosted by Richard Heinberg, one of the world’s leading experts on the urgency and challenges of moving society away from fossil fuels.

Think Resilience is an online course about responding to the 21st century’s compounding environmental and social crises (also called the polycrisis) by building community resilience. Registration is free and includes:

  • Twenty-two short video lectures (about 4 hours of viewing) exploring the interrelated crises of the 21st century—and how we can respond to them with local resilience-building actions.
  • Online access to the complete texts of The Community Resilience Reader (Island Press, 2017) and Our Renewable Future (Island Press, 2016).
  • An online forum where you can interact with others taking the course around the world.

Take the course at your own pace, and view the lessons in any order you want. A certificate of course completion may be earned by passing an end-of-course quiz.

What you’ll learn

Whether you are a seasoned sustainability professional or a first-year college student, you will get a lot out of Think Resilience. The course will help you:

  • Deepen your understanding of the interactions between human and Earth systems.
  • Become a better practitioner and advocate for sustainability.
  • Make better sense of the complex issues humanity is facing.
  • Learn how to take action to build community resilience.

Students who take the end-of-course quiz can earn a Certificate of Course Completion.

Detailed course overview
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Deutsch · English · Español · Français · Italiano | credits

Praise for Think Resilience

The concepts and ideas were generally familiar to me, but the storyline—the way that all of the pieces have been put together to paint the picture of the converging crises—is exceptional.
Wendy N.
Thanks so much for the terrific series. This is one of the most comprehensive and well thought out resources on the changes we need to make so our children have something worthwhile to inherit.
Steve T., Transition Guelph, Ontario
Thank you so much! I’ve been spending time on this course every morning before work. It’s helped me feel like I have a strong grounding in the history of why we are where we are now.
Xeo S.

Support Think Resilience

Post Carbon Institute launched Think Resilience in 2017 as a paid online course. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck in early 2020, we made it free to support everyone during the global lockdown—and the response was so strong that we’ve kept it free every since!

As of Fall 2022 we’ve had over 10,000 registrations from all around the world, and over US$15,000 in individual donations. If you can, please help us keep Think Resilience going as a free educational resource for everyone:

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Post Carbon Institute is the producer of both the Think Resilience online course and the website We envision a more resilient, equitable, and sustainable world—and to get there, humanity needs innovators and early adopters who understand the true nature of the issues we face, can think strategically and systemically about how to respond, and are motivated to build resilience in their own lives and communities.

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