• Academic use: If you’re an instructor you are welcome to play the course videos in your classroom. We also encourage you to have your students register for the course; it’s free, and they can view the lessons in any order. (Note that this is a new feature of the course as of September 2022 , thus the former “Academic Access” course option is no longer needed nor offered.)
  • Groups of any size (including classes) can complete a short survey to get access to our course Discussion Guide, which includes discussion questions for each Session, a suggested schedule, and tips on running effective group meetings. Note that this does not register you for the course (you can do that here); it only gets you the Discussion Guide and helps us support your group:

    (¿Prefieres español? Puedes descargar la Guía de Discusión inmediatamente.)

  • For groups of over 50 people, we offer a more structured version of the course featuring webinars with course host Richard Heinberg. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions about groups

What’s in the Discussion Guide?
The Discussion Guide will lead your group through the course in seven weekly sessions, and provides lesson summaries, questions to discuss in each session, and facilitation guidelines.

Do all the members of my group really need to register for the course?
Yes, each individual member still needs to register for the course in order to receive access to all of the course material (including videos, suggested readings, and discussion forums), plus the opportunity to earn a Certificate of Course Completion.