Prospective students

Who should take the course?
Think Resilience is designed for anyone who is concerned about humanity’s current unsustainable path, wants to better understand how we got here, and is interested in learning what we can do about it right now. Whether you’re a new college student or have spent decades working on sustainability issues, this course offers insight and inspiration.

How long does the course take?
The 22 video lessons are approximately four hours in total. You can complete the lessons at your own pace. To get the most out of the course, we suggest you set aside at least half an hour to review the suggested readings and videos provided after each Lesson.

Do I need any special technology to take the course?
All you need is an internet-connected device, a web browser, and internet service good enough to stream basic video.

(Please note that we have found that some older versions of the Mac operating system (OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.5 and earlier) do not appear to be able to stream the videos properly.)

Can you send me the videos on DVD or a USB drive?
Sorry, we cannot.

Current students

Who can I contact for technical support?
Contact Post Carbon Institute here and we’ll respond to you as quickly as possible.

How long will the course material be available to me?
The course and your account will be available for as long as we run the course—and we currently have no plans to end it. (If we do ultimately end the course and take the site down, we will notify all students at least six months in advance.)

I purchased a registration before the course was made free in May 2020. Can I get my money back?
Sorry, we have always had a no-refunds policy.

Certificate of Course Completion

What is the Certificate of Course Completion?
It’s documentation issued by Post Carbon Institute that serves as proof that you completed the course; the certificate is issued with an ID unique to your account, so you always can get verification from us that you earned it should the need arise.

How do I earn the certificate?
You must do two things to earn the certificate:

  1. complete every lesson (i.e., watch the video and press the green “Mark Complete” button at the bottom of the lesson page) and
  2. score 80% or better on the final quiz.

If you fulfill these requirements you will receive an notification on your course page and by email, and will be able to download the certificate (as a PDF file) from the website.


Read about our translation projects and how to help us offer Think Resilience into more languages here.

Academic and group use

I’m an instructor. May I use material from the course in my classroom?
If you’re an instructor you are welcome to play the course videos in your classroom. We also encourage you to have your students register for the course; it’s free, and they can view the lessons in any order. (Note that this is a new feature of the course as of September 2022 , thus the former “Academic Access” course option is no longer needed nor offered.)

Do you support discussion groups?
Yes! Learn about group options here.

Do you still offer the “Guided Course” option with weekly webinars?
We now offer this version of the course for large private groups only. Learn about group options here.