Sustainability starts with community resilience.

We live in a time of tremendous political, environmental, and economic upheaval. What can we do?

Think Resilience is an online course to help you start doing something about climate change and our other sustainability challenges—starting in your own community.

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Think Resilience features twenty-two short video lectures by Richard Heinberg, one of the world’s foremost experts on the urgency of transitioning society away from fossil fuels. Register for free below, or click here to learn more.


Self-Directed Course

Take Think Resilience at your own pace. You'll get access to all the videos and the course forum, plus review quizzes and suggestions for further learning. This option includes the opportunity to earn a Certificate of Course Completion.


Academic Access

Educators—and students who have been assigned the Think Resilience videos for a class—may view the course content for free and in any order they want. (Registration required, Certificate of Course Completion not available.)

The world is flooded with information about our nanosecond in planetary history, and the mess we’ve made of it. What’s much harder to find is a clear, cogent depiction of the much, much bigger picture… That’s what I got from the Think Resilience videos: the context of everything. It colors everything I’ve read since about the climate and our future.

David Pogue, New York Times columnist and technology writer