Academic Access is a portal for educators and students to freely access the videos of the Think Resilience course for classroom use. It does not include forums or supplementary materials, nor the option to earn a certificate.

If you’re an educator and already familiar with the videos, request access for your students right away here.

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What if I want to take the full course instead?

It is not possible for an account to be assigned to both Academic Access and the full course. You would need to delete your Academic Access account (below), return to the main Think Resilience website, and purchase the course there (US$20.00). Note that the course requires you to watch the videos in order, and we are unable to apply the record of any videos you view in Academic Access to the regular course (i.e., if you register for the course you have to start from the beginning).

When you register for the full Think Resilience course you get access to:

  • Option to earn a Certificate of Course Completion
  • Suggested reading lists for each of the 22 lessons
  • Online discussion forums

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