General Questions

Who should take the course?
Think Resilience is intended for anyone, anywhere, who is concerned about the unsustainable path society is on, and wants to better understand why we find ourselves here and what we can do about it. Participants have included people completely new to sustainability issues and people who have been following these issues for decades. As with all Post Carbon Institute products, Think Resilience covers complex, interdisciplinary topics but is accessible to just about everyone.

What’s the difference between the Self-Directed Course and the Guided Course?
See the courses page for a comparison.

How much time does the course require?
The 22 video lessons are approximately 4 hours in total. In the Self-Directed Course you can complete the lessons at your own pace. The Guided Course runs for six weeks and features a weekly one-hour group webinar with the host of the Think Resilience videos, Richard Heinberg. For both courses, these estimates do not include time spent participating in the discussion forums or reading/viewing recommended additional materials.

Do I need any special technology to take the course?
All you need is an internet-connected device (computer, smartphone, tablet), a web browser, and internet service good enough to stream basic video (i.e., basically anything faster than “dial-up” internet). Sorry, we are not able to send you the videos on physical media like a DVD or a flash/jump/USB drive. For the Guided Course, you can participate in the weekly webinars via your web browser or by phone.

Who can I contact for technical support?
Please contact us using the contact form and we’ll respond to you as quickly as possible. You can also reach a Post Carbon Institute staff member during regular business hours (U.S. Pacific Time) at +1 (541) 566-8700.

Do you offer any scholarships or discounted pricing?
Sorry, we are not able to offer scholarships or individual discounts at this time.

Can I use the course in my classroom or in a discussion group?
We are developing materials and technical support for group use and academic use of the course. If want to be alerted when this support is available (likely late 2017), please sign up for notifications. If you need support sooner or have specific questions, feel free to contact us.

How long will the course be available?
The Self-Directed Course will be available indefinitely. The Guided Course was first offered in Spring 2017, and will be offered again in Fall 2017 and possibly later; sign up to be notified when it is scheduled.

Can I get my money back?
Sorry, we have a no-refunds policy. However, if you are experiencing any technical issues that prohibit you from completing the course, please contact us.

Who produced this course, and why?
Post Carbon Institute is the producer of both the Think Resilience online course and the website Why? Post Carbon Institute envisions a more resilient, equitable, and sustainable world—and to get there, humanity needs innovators and early adopters who understand the true nature of the issues we face, can think strategically and systemically about how to respond, and are motivated to build resilience in their own lives and communities.

What is the Certificate of Course Completion?
It’s documentation that serves as proof that you completed the course. The certificate is not pre-approved for academic or continuing education credit, but many people do list certificates on their resumes and LinkedIn pages. The certificate is issued with an ID unique to your account, so you can get verification from us that you earned it should the need arise.

What do I need to do to earn the Certificate?
Participants must view all lesson videos and provide satisfactory answers in the seven quizzes found throughout the course. To earn the Guided Course certificate, participants must additionally attend at least 5 of the 6 group webinars.

When and how will I get my Certificate?
After you complete the final quiz, we will review all your quiz responses and your account records within ten days, and will email you if you have earned your certificate. You will then be able to download (as a PDF file) or print the certificate from the website.

Guided Course Questions

When will the next Guided Course be offered?
Mid-Fall 2017. If you’re interested, please sign up to be notified.

Can I ask questions during the group webinars?
Absolutely! However, the group webinars will be moderated in order to make the most of our time together, so it’s best to submit any questions you have in advance through the discussion forum associated with each session.

Will the webinars be recorded?
Yes, the webinars will be recorded and a link posted to the corresponding discussion forum within 24 hours.